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31 August 2021 9 Shooting on September 3rd, 2021 - numbers...428 views today
31 August 2021 1 An awful bus accident next month...271 views today
31 August 2021 2 Yellowstone new earthquake swarm is related to the November 5th eruption (one of 3 earthquake dreams from last night related to next months earthquakes)263 views today
31 August 2021 3 This is how to use the pattern of the universe to predict numbers - Edgar Cayce - mega millions USA - numbers - I already know how to do this...76 views today
31 August 2021 5 Warehouse fire next month, numbers, and more on the dd...86 views today
31 August 2021 7 September 6th earthquake, no water - numbers (one of 3 earthquake dreams from last night related to next months earthquakes)69 views today
31 August 2021 6 Kevin McCarthy dies of a heart attack while out on bail for federal charges, numbers, and dates...63 views today
31 August 2021 8 Shooting Jesus is real 2699635567 liquor...77 views today
31 August 2021 4 September 2nd earthquake - water - numbers - (one of 3 earthquake dreams from last night related to next months earthquake)71 views today
30 August 2021 1 An unexpected SuperNova lights up the sky?68 views today
30 August 2021 3 In the sky again...67 views today
30 August 2021 2 Madeleine McCann located on the Beach of Light in Praia la Luz Portugal, 217...64 views today
29 August 2021 7 7 more days - numbers...67 views today
29 August 2021 8 Friday, September 3rd it burns on live tv...66 views today
29 August 2021 5 Listen to 497.2 MHz they are sending - this is a new alien signal from space, just 762 light-years away?71 views today
29 August 2021 4 Nobody cares about you, this is a fact. Accept that you are more emotional than others. ADHD needs no cure, it is a gift. you're the only one that matters...73 views today
29 August 2021 2 Amy Bruni - it is real - the new secret book is real and is about to happen? numbers - castle hill lighthouse accident...64 views today
29 August 2021 3 Islamic center of America shooting - this is him - numbers...65 views today
29 August 2021 1 William Paul Faries located safe 1700 feet south of Rock River outside tarp by Red Cross not sure where the ARC is located there numbers...70 views today
29 August 2021 6 3 more days - almost the same numbers as another dream from last night...69 views today
28 August 2021 2 In the SKY - another UFO nightmare...66 views today
28 August 2021 1 Amy Harshbarger and Garrett Harshbarge are not together right now, Garrett is here, lies, not what they think, Rx wrong, she tried to kill herself in 2020? r/r crossing?62 views today
27 August 2021 1 September 2021 hurricane makes landfall north of Miami, beach gone? numbers...69 views today
26 August 2021 2 916 Plantation Mobile Home Park, Jesus is real, numbers...58 views today
26 August 2021 3 Help, September 29th numbers, this is her, Jesus?69 views today
26 August 2021 1 Cat dies...59 views today
25 August 2021 3 Golden teacher mushrooms cure cancer (real mushroom, I checked)63 views today
25 August 2021 4 Oil no fire - Na Hum 1:3 maybe an element catching on fire? 9853963129 love...72 views today
25 August 2021 5 Golden Meadow (maybe related to my golden mushroom dream from last night)62 views today
25 August 2021 1 American Airlines mid-air explosion, he took the phone to the bathroom, New York, Tel Aviv numbers, seat 4B...67 views today
25 August 2021 2 Upcoming Amtrack train accident...70 views today
24 August 2021 5 Monday, August 30th, news 7 alerts, not sure who he is...72 views today
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